My 30 before 30 Goal List Shifted My Mindset

My 30 before 30 Goal List Shifted My Mindset

If you’ve read any of my books or follow me on social media, you might have seen that I decided to write a 30 before 30 list back in 2019 to help me accomplished my life goals and begin my entrepreneurship trajectory. My 30 Before 30 list was basically a list of all the things that I wanted to accomplish or do before my thirtieth birthday.  That year I was going through a phase where I was re-evaluating my life choices. I’ve fallen into the trap of putting work, my family, my friends, and everything else before myself. My goal was to finally start to pour into myself.

I decided as my birthday was approaching, I should work on 30 goals to complete before I turn 30! I was turning 30 in less than 6 months, so time was limited, and it was going to be far from a bucket list for me – it was a list of achievable things!

As a mom, it doesn’t matter what your career is or what you have going on mentally– you must always be a mother. You must always figure out how to make it work. This time though, I was going to put all my energy and effort into figuring out how to make it work for myself and my personal wants and needs. And I was only able to do that by shifting my mindset.

The amazing thing about working on your mindset is that you get to a point in life where no matter what happens in your life, you will figure out how to make it and turn it from impossible to the possible.

Zollyann Howell

You are always one decision away from reaffirming that your goals matter. That your goals or dreams are something of your own that you are excited to wake up for everyday and it doesn’t have to stay a goal or dream forever. Every time you say, “not right now”, every time you push the thought away, every time you scroll through social media and think “I wish I did this already” but then don’t do anything about it. Your dream is dying.  You are always one action away from breathing new life into your dreams. That action is call “Putting in the Work”. You cannot achieve anything in life if you don’t do the work and that’s real.

Yes, I had my list but what made the goals on my list achievable was the intentional actions steps that I took to help me accomplish each goal. I didn’t accomplish every goal on the list. But that didn’t matter because the few goals that I did accomplish I was proud of. My motto is always progress over perfection. My goal was to work on improving my own life, not to be a perfect human.

Most often in life, we are aware of what it will take and what it requires for us to accomplish our goals in life but we’re always afraid of doing the work due to our limiting beliefs. You can have all the strategies in the world and still hold yourself back due to limiting beliefs. Two of my biggest limiting beliefs were fear and lack of self-confidence. Being able to identify my limiting beliefs and reframing them has helped me shift my mindset drastically and set myself up for success. I started to focus on the positive outcomes because when I focused on the negative things, I got stuck.

I started to notice that whatever I spent my time thinking on the most is what I saw come to pass in my life. It was almost as if it was some sort of supernatural energy occurring in my life during that time. And I think it was really because I was so in touch with my inner self that the universe began to meet me halfway. It made me realize that if I can change my mind– I can change my circumstances and I can change anything because I am in control of my mind. You need to be in control of your mind. All you’re really doing is programming your mind. That is the secret I think so many people overlook in life. Being able to overcome your limiting beliefs and aligning yourself with the energy you want in life is magical.

You can be, do and have anything!

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