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She’s in the Glow

What an interesting name for a post title right? "She's in the Glow"....

I just felt that it was fitting for the changes that I've been experiencing in my life and perfect description of how it feels going into a new birth year. The BIG 33!

Now, if you gotten to experience me in any capacity you would know that I am intentional with my energy, my time, my words, my habits, my focus and my entire life! Living with intention means saying no to things that are not important and doesn’t feel good to your soul and saying yes to those things that matter most.

If you've been following my journey you'll also know that over the past three years I have been making massive choices and changes in my life, my circle, my habits, etc. 

One of the things that matters the most to me is my spiritual connection with God. Which is one of the reasons why I fast and one of the main reasons why I changed my lifestyle and eating habits over the years. You can never hear God when you are full of yourself. Fasting allows you to empty yourself so that you can truly connect with God and get a revelation.

This year for my birthday instead of the typical fasting which usually includes doing a holistic tea detox and taking a break from meat, I wanted to embrace more of a vegan lifestyle to see if it’s something I can sustain long term. Most of my daily meals for me and my kids already includes mostly vegan items or substitutes for our food and snacks.

But this year I decided to go raw vegan before my 33rd Birthday and here’s what went down! I was kind of already eating this way, but I had to cut out the microwavable pre-packaged meals and occasional junk food that were not helping my goal of eating healthy.

I also usually don’t calorie count or worry about perfection, I mostly focused on eating whole foods and getting as many nutrients as possible in a day. But the past two weeks leading up to my birthday consisted of mostly fruit smoothies, eating bountiful salads with some zucchini noodles and chick peas in the mix. I really wanted to train my taste buds to enjoy more fresh produce and kill my sweet tooth and cravings.

My body took about 5 days to adjust to this new way of eating. I had low energy and went to sleep early but after day 2 I had excess energy.
Although I did eat some cooked foods from time to time during my weekend trip to the Turks and Caicos Island, I totally reset my healthy eating habits and feel back to square one. My body feels lighter, even my skin started to clear up a bit and I felt like I have this new glow.

It takes courage to change your life, but it’s so worth it. It’s worth the risk! I will continue to be patient with myself as I grow in this process.

Cheers to Year 33!

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