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Zollyann Howell is an Educator, Author and Entrepreneur. She has a lot of labels, but they are just that- labels. They don’t define who she really is. What defines her is her compassion. Whether it’s teaching a classroom of students or helping women succeed as business owners, or within their personal or professional lives. Whatever journey or project she embark on must touch her heart. Zollyann's passion lives within helping people.



Let's Talk about her labels...



Zollyann is a mother and spent several years as a classroom teacher before deciding to embark on the journey of becoming an entrepreneur. After receiving her bachelor’s in communications from Saint Peter’s University, instead of working in journalism, she decided to become an Educator. Becoming a teacher was one of her proudest moments in life.



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What started out as a one-time service project at a women’s shelter in New York City in 2012 organized by Zollyann and several college friends to provide support to women and children in need, sparked her passion for wanting to do more and led to the birth of her Non-Profit mission BAE & CO. Gives Back and Zee's Virtual Library. Since then, Zollyann has made it her personal mission to continue to cater to women and children in need by providing support and resources to as much women and children as she can in her community.


After resigning from her full-time teaching career in early 2020, Zollyann has went on to published several adult book-s, journals and several children's books, which includes my most recent Title “My Momma’s Glasses” which can be found on Amazon and Barnes and Noble officially claiming her “label” as Author.


Zollyann has also successfully launched a Fashion Brand called BAE & CO. and breaking barriers being the first and youngest African American to open a brick-and-mortar retail clothing store in one of the largest malls in Lake County, FL.


While running her Fashion Boutique, Zollyann's passion for teaching inspired her to launch The BossBabeMove Community to use her self-published books and journals as teaching tools to help inspire, motivated and work women and young adults to help transform their mindset and elevate their life through confidence building and positive self-talk.

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"As an entrepreneur I’ve made all the newbie mistakes. Back when I started my journey, there wasn’t a roadmap. At all. I can still remember the frustration, stress and confusion I felt as I struggled to find answers. And even my fashion merchandising experience from Teen Vogue and Seventeen Magazine and experience as a fashion buyer didn’t prepare me for what I needed to do to run a business."- Zollyann Howell

Zollyann Howell TEDx Bronx

Over the past two years Zollyann has had the pleasure of helping many women get the clarity they need to take action on their dreams and accomplish their goals. Zollyann has also been blessed with the wonderful opportunity of gracing the stage as a TEDx Speaker in NYC for TEDx Bronx where she spoke about the importance embracing your journey in life and enjoying the beauty of your transformation. 

Zollyann has been able to teach and inspire other women across the country to love their authentic selves and go after their dreams. 


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"If you can change your mind, you can change anything because you are in control and that’s the secret that I feel so many people overlook in life."




"My goal is to always make sure that everything I do in life or aspire to do in life is meaningful or has some sort of positive impact on the lives of others. "


"But somehow, when you’re an entrepreneur – all of life lessons and obstacles like to appear to challenge you. So each day is a challenge but when you’re moving in your purpose, those challenges become lessons and motivation to help you unlock your true potential and who you are as a person."

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"I started to network and build connections with people and most importantly I stopped being afraid and started to trust my potential."

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