The Power of Thoughtfulness and Intentionality

The Power of Thoughtfulness and Intentionality

So many of you many be familiar with my journey as an Author, Entrepreneur and Single Mom. I rarely share much about my personal relationships and I’m always super private about my children and personal relationships. Mostly because there’s never anything shaking on that end and I’ve spend the last few years focusing on my self and my healing journey. A big part of my healing journey has truly been loving on myself and learning my own love language and what loves means to me. It’s easy to give someone love when you know what it is to love you.

Somehow and somewhere down the line I truly believe that this year God blessed me unexpectedly with someone that can love me and appreciate me in all the ways that I receive love. And what’s even more awesome about it is that I’m in a great space to also give that type of love back openly and freely. Don’t get my words all twisted though. It is a completely new experience for me and it’s quite the learning experience.

Never less what I did realize while reflecting in this moment as I sit on this yoga mat in the fitness center is that what makes my situation work so effortlessly and beautifully is because my partner and I made it a point to consistently remind each other of the qualities that make us truly special and unique. The simple acts of appreciation is truly beginning to shape the trajectory of our relationship and overall happiness and foundation with each other as we dive into this thing call love.

And to be honest our worlds are completely different and not to mention they’re so many other distractions from the outside world itself such as us both being parents and educators amongst other things that play a significant role in our daily lives. However, what I enjoy the most about us is that we intentionally choose to focus on the importance of the foundation of our relationship and on each other as individuals. There’s more to relationships than just having someone to call your partner. That person eventually becomes your person, the person you trust and confide in, your biggest supporter and in some cases your strength to keep you pushing through life when you’re not at your best.

What I realize is that simple, thoughtful and genuine gestures of things that your partner may like or enjoy, small acts of kindness, words of encouragement, taking the time to intentionally get to know each other creates this unbreakable bond and fosters a great sense of trust and safety.

Overall, I realized that being attentive and thoughtful with your partner creates a safe space where you can both feel valued and cherished. So today and every day, I want to challenge myself and all of us reading this post to be intentional and committed to celebrating the uniqueness of our partners and embrace the joy and excitement that comes from making them feel valued and loved.

I don’t know about all this Gen Z nonchalant type of love because I’m more of an old school type of girl love. That lasting love! That type of love that can weather any storm. That happy love! So Cheers to new love, safe love, intentional love and love that is build on a strong foundation.



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